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9 by geekydj featuring a shimmer eye shadow

Sandro black dress
€125 - stylebop.com

Jeffrey Campbell sandals
€73 - nastygal.com

Mansur Gavriel black handbag
€370 - barneys.com

Topshop ring
€8,16 - topshop.com

Akira mirror sunglasses
€8,14 - shopakira.com

Shimmer eye shadow
€13 - beautybay.com

Mac cosmetic
€13 - bloomingdales.com

Wall art
€745 - zgallerie.com


Minerals tee-shirt available Here:



Prismoids by Richard Clifton-Dey (circa 1980)

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Prismoids by Richard Clifton-Dey (circa 1980)

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The One Thing That Women Are Afraid of in Men (It’s Not Aggression) by Bryan Reeves

… “A feminine woman is most afraid of her masculine man disappearing. She’s afraid of him failing to show up for her. Not stepping up. Walking out. Not staying strong and present, particularly when things get a little crazy and confusing.

A woman’s deepest desire is to be cherished. When a man leaves, even just emotionally if not physically, she is left completely un-cherished.”

… “She was asking me to step up and fight for her heart.

Fight what? Fight myself. Fight my desire to run. To check out. To disappear.”

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